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Peterborough High School School Facilities

The school facilities are maintained with up-to-date equipment & resources.

During 2009/2010 the Trade School for the Future and Trade Training Centre was completed , which includes an eStudio, Auto and Engineering Workshop and office area for the Apprenticeship Broker based in our school.

A new Science Centre was completed in 2011, supporting a broad range of science and maths curriculum offered in the school.

Other facilities include the Gym, Community Library, Specialist Music Area, Up-graded Home Economics Facility and Oval.

The town has a swimming pool, basketball stadium and a range of other sporting facilities available for student use.

Peterborough High School and MNSEC

Peterborough High School is a founding member of Mid-North Schools Education Cooperative (MNSEC). This cooperative was formed in the early 1990’s in response to falling enrolments and the recognised need to provide as broad a curriculum as possible, particularly in the senior years. Lead schools of MNSEC are Peterborough High School, Jamestown Community School, Orroroo Area School, Booleroo Centre District School, Gladstone High School and Quorn Area School.

Using flexible delivery approaches to learning , students in each of these schools can receive curriculum delivery from teachers in other schools. Regular visits are also a feature of our delivery . Staff participate in hub groups and shared T & D activities, strengthening links between schools and allowing staff to access a broad range of expertise.

In addition to the academic aspects of the cooperative the schools participate in:

  • MNSEC Athletics Carnival · MNSEC Athletics Team
  • MNSEC Swimming Carnival
  • MNSEC Swimming Team
  • Knockout Sports and other interschool sports exchanges
  • MNSEC Formal.
  • MNSEC Showcase

There is also a wide range of other opportunities that are presented to students through our involvement in MNSEC.

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