Peterborough High School Peterborough High School

Cluster Careers Development Strategy 2015

Project Manager

Liz Pannell Principal Peterborough High School

Implementation Manager

Kim Bennett Senior Leader Student Pathways

Cluster Schools

Peterborough High School Jenny Coe VET Coordinator
Gladstone High School Kerrilyn Elmer Assistant Principal
Quorn Area School Sarah Bury Deputy Principal
Orroroo Area School Mick Rosenblatt Assistant Principal
Booleroo Centre District School Kathy Kupke VET Coordinator
Jamestown Community School Danya McKay Senior School Coordinator
John Pirie Secondary School Graham Hoile Senior Leader

Project Outcomes for 2015

Each school will have:

Project Strategies will include:

Cluster resources

TRT Release for PD, meetings, and release for planning and curriculum design a maximum of 4 TRT days per site Resources $2,320.00 for cluster Whole School Career Development Implementation Plan $2,680.00 for Cluster Implementation and Reporting of Graduate Qualities and Capabilities Framework $2,680.00 for cluster